Carpet Flooring Nylon or Polyester


Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester are commonly used to produce carpet. Nylon is superior carpet fiber of all synthetic fibers. Nylon is the gold standard for its durability and resilient. It is much more durable which can last for at least 10 years whereas polyester is not as durable and resilient as nylon.

Nylon carpet tends to maintain a new appearance longer than any other fiber. Nylon can withstand a lot of foot traffic if compared to polyester. Both nylon and polyester have variety of style and color options, can be color-dyed. Both of them are very good in resisting stains, resisting abrasion, and easy to clean. Unlike nylon, polyester is made of recycled materials that makes it as environmentally friendly carpet. However, nylon is much more expensive and pricey than polyester; polyester is much more affordable and cost much lower.