The Pros and Cons of Carpet Flooring

Broadloom, Carpet Tiles

To carpet or not, we help clear up some confusion.

Carpet is the most popular choice of office flooring. There is a wide variety of carpet tiles and broadloom carpet flooring available nowadays in two major categories. They are nylon carpet and polyester carpet.

The pros and cons of having and installing the carpet flooring are reviewed as follow:


  1. Comfort
    The most significant benefit of carpet flooring is that it is super comfortable, warm and welcomed feel.
  2. Aesthetics
    There is a wide selection of colour and styles, so you can choose which best matches the colour scheme of your office.
  3. Decorations
    The design and texture of the carpet can add a decorative element as well as dimension to an otherwise bland-looking office in order to give your office an entirely new look.
  4. Soundproofing
    Carpet can absorbs noise and minimize the sound effect. It could reduce the echoing effects of foot traffic or conversation as well as noises emitted from electronic devices.
  5. Cushion Act
    Carpet flooring also makes your office safer as it can help save people from serious injuries if falling.


  1. Sensitivity to moisture & stain
    There might be problems of moisture and stain. It can absorb stains and get damaged when soaked easily.
  2. Maintenance
    Carpets require vacuum regularly and professional carpet cleaning might be required for deep cleanses and high level of maintenance.
  3. Allergies
    Carpet can aggravate allergy symptoms, as they catch and hold dust, dirt, bugs, and bacteria. They have been known to retain odors and mildew.